Wojtek & Krzysztof.

We live in Iława and despite the fact that we spent many years outside our city, we always come back here. And finally we came back here permanently. Each of us lived in different countries, in different cities, but nowhere did we enjoy nature like the one here.

This is one of the most beautiful green places in the world. And by the way one of the safest. We have here the largest inland island in Europe and the longest Lake in Poland with many charming places. From here, through the water canals, you'll get everywhere.

We decided to show you our favorite places.

Do you know the movie Avatar? Such a world exists. Without aliens, a little less colorful but functionally very similar. This place is our forests. They are no longer like 1000 years ago but are still alive. We will lead you back to nature. And we will teach you how to get back to nature yourself.

We disconnect you from civilization, we will help you to reset yourself, improve your body's performance, strengthen it. We will teach you the forest and lead to sources of happiness and peace. We will provide rest for the eyes, heart and lungs, and strengthen your immune system. Off you go and relax.

About Krzysztof Kurpiecki - from more than 30 years I wander through forest in area marked below. My father worked in local Forests Office but I'm not a forester nor hunter. I'm just fascinated by being part of nature; by the colors and smell of the forest. I love random encounters with animals. Birds, flowers, insects. Everything at your fingertips. So close.

I'm deeply rooted in local community. Since 2007 I'm registered here as business services provider. I wrote columns for the local press. In public library in Iława I teach kids about artificial intelligence and quantum computing . I'm 100% local.

On photo below me in my father's forester's uniform. It's about 1988, not clear because this selfie was taken with old soviet camera, without autofocus and then developed in a darkroom by myself. It was just for fun. I never thought about career in forestry but now I'm happy when I can show miracles of nature to people.

About Wojtek Nastaj - I lived in Iława since I was 8 years old. Back then, I used to take every opportunity to escape town and play in a forest, or hop on a yacht and sail. When I grew up, I decided to move to London and explore different culture. I spent a decade living and working in England, learning the language, and new technologies, required to fulfil any business needs. From there I moved to Spain, due to the weather (300 days of sun a year) but also to explore new country, completely new culture, and new opportunities. Last year, April 2019, personal circumstances dragged me back home. I came in time for a beautiful spring forest green explosion. I was in awe seeing it again. I'm still here, one year after, and I'm staying ;-).

Business registered in Poland as: Baltic Griffin Krzysztof Kurpiecki. Iława. NIP: PL 7441343773, REGON: 280221340