Night sky in Poland

Watching the night sky in places where the light pollution from cities and towns is small. Thanks to this, you can see many more objects in the sky than in the city. We will take you to places where conditions for stars observation are the best in our region.

Away from human settlements or lighting around Jeziorak. Better conditions are only in the Masurian forests and in the less inhabited mountains.

Option I - in the case of fairly certain forecast of cloudless weather, 50 minutes from Iława, by car.

Price per person, with transportation by car – 45 EUR.

Option II - in the case of an uncertain forecast, but when it is possible to observe - 15 minutes from Iława, by car.

Price per person, with transportation by car – 30 EUR

In option II, we walk about 300 meters through a dark forest. The occurrence of animals and their sounds in the forest is natural. So with a little luck you will also hear the sounds of interesting animals.

Observation dates are set so that the moonlight disturbs them as little as possible. So generally, the new moon plus or minus 3 days. A month before and after the summer solstice, even in the middle of the night, the sky is not perfectly dark but in places where we invite you, much better than in the city.

Already more than 80% of the world's population lives in the light smog zone. Which means that they do not see in the sky those objects that people saw every day, e.g. 100 years ago.

Departures from Iława around 23.00

The dates and times of upcoming trips below.

- 18.07

- 21.08

- 18.09

When booking the event (send us e-mail), please indicate if you can go with us several days before or after, depending on the weather. We will inform you about the exact date the day before leaving.

We spend about 1-2 hours in the forest. It is possible to arrange individual trips for longer stays in the forest.


At night the temperature can drop very much. Even in summer, it can be a lot colder locally than the weather forecast indicates. It is worth taking warm clothes. It also helps protect against mosquitoes. Shoes - we go through the forest so it's worth putting on trekking shoes, ankle-high. We go through a dark forest, assisted by the light of flashlights, so be careful. We do not recommend sandals.

Before trip, eat something, getting enough sleep so as not to get tired in the forest. For safety, we prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

On the spot, we do not shine with smartphones, flashlights with white light. Red light is acceptable. Adaptation of the eyesight to the darkness takes up to half an hour. You can take a folding chair or even a blanket (but watch out for ants).

Depending on the needs, we offer spraying the participant with a suitable mosquito / tick repellent. We have several types of repellents, with various active ingredients, to choose from.

Warning. Observations take place in the forest, which is the natural residence of wild animals. Be aware that this is a potentially risky situation. Healthy animals avoid people, but they can attack when they feel threatened. In Poland, several dozen cases of rabies are also noted annually in wild animals, mainly in foxes and bats. This is a potential danger although in recent years no human cases of rabies have been reported.

Of course, this danger is much less than the risk of being hit by a falling branch. And being in the woods is statistically much safer than driving in a car. But be careful. Please read our article on forest safety

Photo: Denys NevoshaiPhoto on top of the website: Mathew Schwart